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If I’m a minor, do I have the right to get a state identification (ID) card?

Yes. There is no minimum age for obtaining an Ohio ID card. ID cards are typically valid for four years, unless it’s a replacement. To get an ID, you’ll need documents that verify the following: Full legal name Date of birth Social Security number Legal presence in the United States Ohio residency The cost for a new ID is $8.50; a replacement ID card is $7.50.

What type of documents are typically used to when getting an ID card?

Documents that are typically used for verification are an original or certified copy of your birth certificate an official Social Security Card utility bill, bank statement or paystub with your address on it There are other acceptable documents. >> Find more information on what those are...

Can I have both a driver’s license and a state identification card?

No. In Ohio, and individual is not permitted to hold an Ohio driver license and an identification (ID) card at the same time. Having an ID card issued will cancel a driver license, requiring you to retest if/when you apply for a new driver license.

Am I required to have a state ID?

No. You are not required to have a state ID, however getting one is strongly encouraged. You will need a government issued photo ID to handle most of your personal affairs and if you plan to secure employment.

It’s my right to get my driver’s license, yes?

No. Having a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. If you are a minor and would like to obtain your license, you will need your parent or legal guardian’s consent as well a certificate of completion from an approved driver’s education course. If you are 18 years of age or older, you are not required to obtain parental consent or driver’s education course certification. >> Find additional information on the process to obtain a driver’s license in Ohio...

As a non-U.S. Citizen, do I have the right to obtain a state ID?

Yes. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will issue you an identification card with an expiration date based on the documentation that you provide from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency; this date will not exceed 4 years and the state ID is non-renewable. You must apply in person, provide proof of residency Ohio residency and your USCIS documents must be current. Permanent residents need only provide a valid I-551 (green card) and proof of their Ohio residency.

Is it within my rights to obtain my birth certificate?

Yes. If you were born in Ohio, you cannot be denied a copy of your birth certificate. Birth certificates in Ohio are a public record. You can contact your county’s office of vital statistics with any questions regarding the identifying information needed to request a copy and the actual cost for a copy.

If I wasn’t born in Ohio, is obtaining a copy of my birth certificate still a right?

Yes. By clicking this link, you can locate your birth state and find out the information on how to obtain a copy of your birth certificate, including their contact number, any necessary additional identification/documents and estimated associated fees.

Do I have the right to obtain a copy of my Social Security card?

Yes. You will need your birth certificate and a form of identification to apply for either an original or replacement Social Security card. You can use a:

  • state or military issued ID,
  • a school ID,
  • U.S. passport,
  • employee ID badge or
  • health insurance card
You will also need an address to have the card mailed to. If you are currently between home but have someone or some place that you trust to receive mail on your behalf, you can have the card mailed to that address.

Can I put a fraud alert on my ID number?

Yes. to protect against identity theft and credit abuse, you can have a fraud alert put on your identification. You will want to contact your local BMV or the Attorney General’s office for further information about this.